What is Atrima?

Atrima is a company whose charter is to bring people, products and technologies together for the purpose of conducting business to the mutual benefit of all parties.  Today, it is specializing in helping Western companies enter the global market in the healthcare industry and in helping global companies make their products available to the American market.  The company is headed up by professionals who have a proven track record in this area.

What can Atrima do for you?

Should you have a product or technology in the healthcare industry, which you wish to import or export, Atrima can help you do a market analysis and and find potential partners necessary to become successful.

How can you be sure that Atrima knows what it is talking about?

The multilingual senior management of Atrima have had years of experience in setting up businesses for American Fortune 500 companies starting from market analyses to hiring local personnel to general management.

How does Atrima accomplish this task?

Atrima is a California based company with a network of carefully chosen and trained individuals that have been working in this capacity for close to fifteen years.  It is this network of people plus the hands-on experience of Atrima management that can help you accomplish your goals.

Helping health professionals in business...

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Laguna Niguel, CA

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Phone +1 949 290 8099


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